RXCommander JRC NRD-525 / NRD-535

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A nice and simple JRC-525/JRC-535 remote-control software

rxcommander1 rxcommander3s rxcommander4s
  • Editable list of frequency and preferred stations.
  • Database export and import functions.
  • Audio recorder and playback.
  • Timer functions (frequency change, audio recorder, etc.
  • Support connection to DX Cluster to receive latest news and spot.
  • JRC-525 VHF-UHF Converter supported (require CMK-165).
  • After installation please modify the rxcommander.ini file to select radio model and communication port.
  • For the JRC-535 an eeprom's version F or higher to enable all functions is required.
  • For the JRC-525 an eeprom's version A or higher is required.
  • For other technical details, please contact me directly.

For information, please send me an e-mail