RXCommander Client/Server v. 6.5

Download User Manual

JRC-525/JRC-535 Network remote control software

  • After the installation, you will find both server and client software on the installation folder.
  • First of all you need to setup the two configuration files ( ini file ) to match your configuration.
  • Select your serial communication port, the radio model (525 or 535 ).
  • If desired, modify the communication port used by LAN interface, anything between 40000 - 50000 should be ok.
  • See the two pdf files for more informations on LAN setup.
  • Please run the server software on the PC phisically connected to the JRC receiver via serial port.
  • Run client software on the same pc (for testing purposes ) or on another PC on the same network or connected to internet.
  • On the rxcommander.ini file you will need to specify the IP address or the FQDN ( domain name ) of the server PC.

For information, please send me an e-mail